Mirage Mini Malls introduced the concept of small commercial centers with mixed retail and casual dining to Alexandria and are now spreading to other cities. A few key stores and restaurants are hosted in these commercial centers which specialize in entertainment and leisure. Diners and shoppers enjoy extended visits in a dependably positive and well-maintained environment.

Mirage Mall

The Mirage Mini Mall is one of our key projects because it was the first of its kind in Alexandria, setting a new standard for commercial centers. The refinement of its construction and its interior composition made it attractive to international retail, restaurants and banks. The mirage mall introduced the concept of casual dining to the city and continues to host a wide selection of restaurants, some of which are only present here within the limits of Alexandria.

Area : 12,000 m2 x 2 floors

Status : Opened 2008


  • 25 Commercial spaces (F&B , Retail , Banking)
  • 250 m2 Central water fountain
  • Open roof
  • Kids’ Area
  • Parking


  • HSBC (International bank)
  • NBD (UAE bank)
  • Crédit Agricole (National bank)

Food & Beverage

  • Chili’s Restaurant (Mexican food , Multi-national chain)
  • Cortigiano Restaurant (Italian cuisine , National chain)
  • Carlos Restaurant & Cafe (National chain)
  • Ole’ Restaurant & Cafe (National chain)
  • EL Dayaa Lebanese Restaurant (Multinational chain)
  • De la vega Restaurant & Cafe (Spanish cuisine , national chain)
  • Fanakis Restaurant & Cafe ( National chain)
  • Tarab Restaurant & Cafe ( National chain)
  • Pizza Queen Restaurant (National chain)


  • Adidas
  • Timberland
  • Levi’s
  • Club Aldo
  • Geox
  • Toy Shop

Mirage Gleem

A Sea-side Food and Beverage Complex

Location : Gleem – Corniche Road

Area : 1200 m2

Status : Opened 2009

Consist of :

  • Latino Restaurant & Café
  • Lebanero Restaurant
  • Studio Misr Grill

Mirage Damanhour Mini Mall

Location : Will be the situated on the same location with our convention center

Opening: we already obtained the building license ,and on schedule to start building in 2015 due to open end of 2016