Convention Centers

Mirage convention centers are composed of halls in varying scales and supporting technologies. They range from majestic ballrooms to high-tech halls with sophisticated projection, lighting and sound equipment. The convention centers and our team are equipped to organize and host events such as weddings and engagement parties, conferences, meetings and launches.

Mirage Banquet Alexandria

Location : Alexandria International Gardens, Desert Road,Opposite Alex City Center

Total Area: 5000 m2

Status: Opened 2001

Area : 1350 m2

Capacity: 200-1000 person capacity including tables and seating


  • Weddings and engagements
  • Concerts
  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Seminars


  • 350 m2 foyer
  • 100 parking spaces
  • Fine interior design including majestic hall doors and stairs
  • 3 in-house suites
  • Glowing glass tables and elegant buffet area
  • Largest LED screens in Alexandria
  • International lighting technologies including 16 mobile spot-lights with varying shapes and colors
  • Fog maker
  • Sound system fitted to the dimensions of the hall for excellent acoustics including 16 DAS line array speakers and 4 surround JBL speakers
  • 4K latest video system

Mini Mirage Banquet

Location :First floor with the International Garden view

Area: About 350 m2

Capacity: Up to 160 people


  • Weddings and engagements
  • Conferences and meetings
  • Birthday parties


  • International Garden View
  • 2 large screens
  • Quality sound system and lighting

Banquet Damanhour

The mirage Banquet Hall is the biggest convention and wedding center in the Delta region and will soon host a Mini Mall on the same premises, due to open at the end of 2016.

Location : Alexandria-Cairo Agricultural road, next to Damanhour University

Area : 15,000 m2

Status : Opened May 2015


  • Luxurious ball rooms
  • High capacity ranging from 100-1000 people
  • Damanhour mini mall next door, due to open in 2016

Mansoura Banquet

The Mansoura Banquet Halls are a three hall banquet complex.

Location: Mansoura Ring Road, opposite Delta College

Area: 4000 m2

Status: In progress, awaiting building license